This site will BRB.

I'm Emily Loper. Most people call me "Em."

I'm a product designer at Netflix currently leading Search & Discovery across smart TVs, set top boxes, game consoles, and other 10-foot experiences. My days are spent asking questions that begin with how/why/what if, advocating for user-centered design solutions, and trying to kick my Goldfish addiction (not the fish, but the crunchy orange snack). Recent projects have included a redesigned on-screen keyboard, richer and more dynamic presentation of search results, and mood-based discovery concepts.

Prior to Netflix, I spent 4 1/2 years at LinkedIn working on concept teams, venture bets, and multiple major redesigns. At the end of my tenure at LinkedIn, I managed a team of 7 designers focused on building foundational elements of our end-to-end user experience.

When I'm not working in UX, I moonlight as a letterer, illustrator and stationer.

On a personal note, I'm a Seattle native and University of Oregon advertising alum. I like to say I'm slowly making my way down the West Coast. My time between designs is best spent dancing around the kitchen while my husband cooks, playing nice with the pen tool, and scouting my next big adventure. I'm a fan of Stumptown, snail mail and dingy little antique shops. I believe wholeheartedly in the phrase, "Always be growing."

For inquiries or collaborations, shoot me a note.