User experience

I've spent the last 4 years exploring user experience at LinkedIn, digging into everything from visual and interaction design to product strategy and systems thinking. Below you'll find a handful of projects that best reflect my design philosophy and work experience.



Password-protected // Rethinking LinkedIn's front door with a focus on people and personalization.



Password-protected // Bringing professionally relevant, native video to LinkedIn in :30 seconds or less.



Password-protected // Setting the stage for a major visual and interaction overhaul of





Password-protected // Using navigation to tell the brand story and help members quickly discover the value of LinkedIn.



Password-protected // Crafting a unified member experience across platforms, from the top down.



Password-protected // Injecting LinkedIn's notifications platform with quality, liquidity, and efficiency.



Passion projects

I get a lot of fulfillment working in UX, but I've got roots in fine art, graphic design, and art direction. Outside of work, I like to invest in projects that allow me to dive deeper into these disciplines. This is the stuff that keeps my creativity flowing.



Words have always held special meaning for me. In recent years, I've turned a passion for writing into a talent for typography, hand-lettering, and–even more recently–calligraphy.


The first design class I ever took was a Photoshop CS2 elective in high school, which opened my eyes to the intersection of technology + fine art. More than a decade later, I'm still playing in that crossroads.


Pretty paper goods give me major heart eyes, and because I spend most of my time working in pixels, I find it so refreshing to get creative with materials I can literally touch and feel.


Emily Loper

Seattle native turned Bay Area local. UX designer at LinkedIn. University of Oregon alum. Newlywed and proud canine mama. Read more...

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